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S.T.Z. s.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of electric devices since 1976.



S.T.Z. s.r.l. has a wide range of products:


  • BUTTON PANELS FOR ANCILLARY CIRCUITS ideal for bridge cranes, available in countless sizes and models to satisfy every requirement. We usually arrange buttons and/or write labels following our customer’s specifications; our standard configurations are illustrated in our catalogue. Please contact us should you require special features.
  • PEDAL CONTROLS electrical or pneumatic, single, dual or multiple, fixed on metallic boards. We have single or dual pedal controls with mushroom shaped holding button (emergency button) or control pulpits with dual pedal controls and button panel for presses (finger preserver). Our products are available in different colours. If You have particular needs contact us: our technical office is at Your disposal for explanations.
  • LIMIT SWITCHES in a broad range of models, with plastic or metallic shell. Specifically suitable for bridge cranes, hoists, lorry sideboard systems, etc.
  • SAFETY HANDLES for electric radial and band saws. Our handles are designed with an exceptionally comfortable grip.


For more information on our products visit our English catalogue and/or contact us by phone (see Contact Us) or E-Mail at




All STZ products are CE certified.

Most STZ slow and micro switches are UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

STZ DIN, plastic and normal series limit switches are UL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards.


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Web site


Telephone / fax number


Tel. ++39039-514038 (English spoken)

fax ++39039-514044


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Current projects


  • STZ technical office is now designing new limit switches.


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S.T.Z. s.r.l.

Strada delle Brigole, 2/A

23877 Paderno d’Adda (LC)



Tel. ++39-039-514038           (English spoken)

Fax ++39-039-514044


Partita I.V.A. e Codice fiscale 00582590139

Iscritta nel R.E.A. della C.C.I.A.A. di Lecco n° 150602


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S.T.Z. s.r.l.

Strada delle Brigole n° 2/A

23877 Paderno d’Adda (LC) Italy

Tel: ++39 039514038

Fax: ++39 039514044